Christi Belcourt

christi at work

Artist: Christi Belcourt

About the Artist: Belcourt is a Michif (Métis) visual artist who has a deep respect for Mother Earth.

Birth Place: Belcourt’s ancestry originates from the Metis historic community of Manitou Sakhigan (Lac Ste. Anne) Alberta, Canada and she was raised in Ontario, Canada.

Life Dates: September 24, 1966- Present

Mediums: Visual artist and author

Artworks: Walking With Our Sisters, was created to honour the lives of the missing and murdered Indigenous women in Canada and “to acknowledge the grief and torment families of these women continue to suffer; and to raise awareness of this issue and create opportunity for broad community-based dialogue on the issue” (The Project). The instillation is a collaborative project with over a thirteen thousand artists contributing to the piece. The conceptually rich exhibition has multiple portions including the beaded vamps, an audio portion which consists of sixty traditional songs, cloth, sage or cedar, and traditional protocols and ceremonies.

Dolly Assinewe

Andrea Aiabens


Artist Statement: “I have nothing to say about my art. I will leave that to others. Everything that drives me, and drives my art and the mishmash of everything I do in my life is my love for the earth and my awe of it all. How is it possible we are even alive? The great power and mystery surrounds us every minute of every day” (Belcourt, Artist Statement)

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Christi Belcourt Powerpoint

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