Cindy Sherman

Cindy Sherman Photo

Artist: Cindy Sherman

About the Artist: Sherman has been her own model for over thirty years. She has photographed herself in many different personas. In order to create her photographs she is takes on the role of the photographer, model, makeup artist, hairdresser, and stylist.

Birth Place: Glen Ridge, New Jersey, America

Life Dates: January 19, 1954- Present

Mediums: Photography


  • artifice and fiction
  • cinema and performance
  • horror and the grotesque
  • myth, carnival, and fairy tale
  • and gender and class identity


Sherman studied in Buffalo from 1972-1976. Started as a painter but became frustrated with the limitations of the medium. She originally failed a course she needed in photography but later repeated the course. This reunited her passion for photography.  While she was studying, Sherman was exposed to Conceptual art and other progressive art movements and media.


Cindy Sherman. Untitled #466. 2008. Chromogenic color print, 8′ 1 1/8 × 63 15/16″ (246.7 × 162.4 cm). The Museum of Modern Art, New York. Acquired through the generosity of Robert B. Menschel in honor of Jerry I. Speyer. © 2011 Cindy Sherman

Untitled #466. 2008.

Untitled Film Still #21, 1978

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