Judy Chicago

Artist: Judy Chicago

About the Artist: Judy Chicago is an influential feminist artist, author, and educator. She pioneered Feminist Art and art education through a program at California State University. She was inspired by the women’s movement and she rebelled against the male-dominated art scene from the 1960s. She creates works which celebrate the achievements of female historical figures.

Birth Place: Chicago, Illinois, United States of America

Life Dates: July 20, 1939- Present

Mediums: multimedia, instillation, drawings, paintings, weavings, cast paper, and bronze reliefs

Training: She started drawing at the age of three. Throughout her teens Chicago was in art classes at the Art Institute of Chicago and went onto train at the UCLA where she received her M.F.A..

Artworks: The Dinner Party, Judy Chicago (1974-79)- The Dinner Party was a reaction the exclusion of women in history. The piece represents 1038 women and contains 999 names written on tile in gold-lustre. It is an regarded as one of the iconic art pieced of twentieth-century.

The Dinner Party (1979)  The Dinner Party, Judy Chicago- Artwork Images 

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