Alphabet Rockers

Artist: Alphabet Rockers

About the Artists: McGaw, Shepherd, and the team of professionals who are apart of the Alphabet Rockers are passionate about using music to help parents and educators engage in difficult topics, such as social change, racial justice and equality. They believe that kids are where we need to start and that music has the ability to empower children to move forward with the desire for change, peace, acceptance, and a more inclusive world.

Birth Place: Kaitlin McGaw is the founder and artistic director, and Tommy Sheperd is the music director of the Alphabet Rockers, and the group is based in Oakland, CA. The duo is from different worlds by place/gender/race but had the same purpose when it comes to music.

Genre: Hip hop

Training: There is various training involved because there are multiple artists that make up The Alphabet Rockers, such as performers, two DJ’s, music producer, choreographers, photographer, videographer, visual artist, and a booking manager.


Resources used:

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