Vanessa Hyggen

Artist: Vanessa Hyggen

About the Artist: Hyggen is a painter and beadwork artist living in Saskatoon, SK whose focus is mainly on painting the boreal forest. She is a Cree and Norwegian female who is passionate about her sense of belonging in the North – these memories serve as a palette for her work. Hyggen loves light and color and hopes to always continue to grow with her artwork and never become stagnant.

Location: Based out of Saskatoon, SK

Mediums: Acrylic, carving, beadwork, and encaustic

Style: Loves to work with light and color, and majority of her paintings are of nature, especially the Boreal forest.

Training: Her love for painting and drawing led her to take classes at the University of Saskatchewan, where she dedicated six years towards an Education degree and Fine Arts degree. She may go back in the future to complete those degrees.

Additional Information: Hyggen is a member of the Lac La Ronge Indian Band. She comes from a mixed background of Cree and Norwegian and has a strong sense of belonging in the North. She was hired at St. Frances School in Saskatton to paint their hallways in the four seasons. Hyggen enjoys spending time in the woods picking medicinal plants, camping, gardening, and soaking up inspiration.


I Woke Up Like This

Vanessa Hyggen’s Artworks

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