Assignment 10: Trading Card Lesson (Elementary, Middle Years, Secondary)

Trading Card Lesson

Grade Level: Elementary, Middle Years, Secondary

Examples of Outcome(s) & Indicator(s): (for a grade 8 class)

CP8.12 Solve visual art problems using a variety of processes and media.

  • Explore and expand upon an idea to achieve more depth of meaning and expression. (Explore Ms. Nelson’s concepts)
  • Take risks by working with innovative ideas, unfamiliar styles, or media. (Have to adapt to work with what is in the bags)
  • Explain original intent, why choices were made, how problems were solved, and how work might be refined or extended. ( artist statement)

“I can”…

  • demonstrate an understanding of the elements and principles of art

Pre-requisite learning: Elements of Art

Time management:

  • all material is already cut out and given to students
  • Students are given a strict writing prompt for artist statement

Arts Skills: Collage, drawing,

Art Terms/ Elements: Colour, line, shape, theme

Materials: “Trading card” Bags (filled with supplies- pre-made and packaged by myself), glue, scissors, drawing materials


  • Set:
    • Lecture (10 minutes)
      • What are artist trading cards?
      • Where did they come from?
      • How do you trade them?
      • If you participate in this assignment, you are in charge of cleaning up: not your teacher and certainly not the custodian
    • Expectations:
      • 1 artist statement (described below)
      • 1 artist trading card
        • Has a minimum of 3 mediums
        • Use or focus on one of the following: Line, shape, colour
        • Explore a self-chosen theme
      • Development: Make Artist Trading Cards (Yay!)
      • Closure: Hand in artist cards (5 minutes)
        • Artist statement: Fill in the blank and answer:
          • I chose to use (line, colour, shape) this way because… _________. My trading card has a theme of…
          • CLEANING TIME (5 minutes)

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