Assignment 5: Simon Says DRAW… (Early Years)

Assignment 5: Simon Says DRAW…

*This could be used as a game or an assignment by researching a particular artist and creating prompts based on that artist.

Step 1: Tell artists: Today we are going to play a game called Simon Says Draw… Raise your hand if you know the rules to Simon says? If everyone participates and tries their best, I may call on some of you to be “Simon.”

If you are choosing to research artists beforehand and base assignment on artist’s style: Invite students to carpet and discuss/ show images of artist(s) – (Lyubov Popova is an artist who employs cubism, which would be great for the non-objective doodle).

Step 2: Answer any questions and remind them to try their best to only draw when they hear “Simon Says” but if they do draw when Simon doesn’t say../ it’s a beautiful oops and students should continue (this is great for classroom management).

Step 3: Pass out paper and say: Let’s begin, “Simon Says, write your name on the bottom, right hand corner of your paper. On the next page choose one of the following: Simon Robot, Wacky Bird, Wacky Animal, or feel free to make your own.

Step 4: If students are doing well and you do not have a set list of prompts, let them take turns being Simon.

Step 5: Artists may continue drawing independently or being coloring their artwork with crayons.

Step 6: Clean up and hand in artwork.


  • 9×6 drawing paper
  • Draw with sharpie or
  • Draw designs with color markers
  • Color with crayons

Pre-requisite knowledge:

  • Students must be familiar with a variety of shapes
  • Students must be able to follow directions

Sources: Teachers Pays Teachers


Simon Says DRAW…

Monster Face

  • Draw a shape larger than your hand
  • Draw one eye big and one eye small inside your large shape
  • Draw a wavy line for a mouth
  • Draw smooth or pointy teeth touching the wavy line
  • Draw shoes on your monster
  • Draw arms and fingers on your monster
  • Draw a topper on your monster like horns, ears, or a hat
  • Draw a pattern on your monster

Wacky Bird

  • Draw a medium shape in the middle of your paper
  • Draw wings connected to your shape
  • Draw a beak connected to your shape
  • Draw tail or tails connected to your shape
  • Draw eye or eyes inside your shape
  • Draw legs and feet connected to your shape
  • Draw the top feathers for your wacky bird
  • Draw something around your bird: clouds, leaves, falling candy…

Non Objective Doodle

  • Draw three circle
  • Draw a long wavy line going through one circle
  • Draw a triangle touching a circle
  • Draw a loopy line inside the triangle
  • Draw a tic-tac-toe board
  • Draw five squares big and small
  • Draw wacky stars inside a circle
  • Draw dots inside a square
  • Draw diagonal lines in the background
  • Draw some swirls

Wacky Fish with a Tail

  • Draw a large oval shape on your paper
  • Draw an awesome fin on top of your oval
  • Draw different animal tails onto your oval shape
  • Draw a fish eye and a mouth
  • Draw bubbles floating in the water around your fish
  • Give your fish something special like a pattern
  • Write the name of your fish in the sand near the bottom of your paper

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