Assignment 6: Judy Chicago: Our Dinner Party (Secondary)

Link to Plan and Assignment: Judy Chicago- Our Dinner Party (Secondary)


10 Day Lesson Plan: Judy Chicago: Our Dinner Party

Assessment Evidence (Summative and Formative)
Summative Assessments (Assessment of Learning):

Learners will show they really understand the outcome by evidence of …


Rubric: The students will be marked on a rubric. It is important that the students understand how they are being assessed and the teacher knows how they are going to be marking the projects.


Formative Assessments (Assessment for Learning):

Learners will show they achieved the outcomes by …


Informal Observation:

Students will be given class time to work. It will be my responsibility to monitor and make notes of student’s understanding and progress of the work.



Sometimes, students will be asked to do short presentations, act out scenes, or volunteer ideas where grades are difficult to attach. A checklist for formative assessment will be used to show that the student has willingly participated and completed all requirements of the given activity. This assessment will be incorporated into the students participation mark.



 Foundation Objectives/ Common Essential Learnings
“I can . . .” statements:

·        I can transfer knowledge from learning to creating

·        I can create an art piece based off of other artists

·        I can learn about other artists and their role in history

Learning Plan
Pervious lessons

·        Students would study multiple artists of the teachers choosing

·        Students would complete an inquiry based research assignment (you may use assignment 4 from the website)


Day 1

·        Students will learn about Judy Chicago in a short PowerPoint

·        Students will receive the assignment and start to brainstorm

·        They will  pick who they want to create the place setting for and sketch it out on paper first

Day 2

·        Students will  speak to their teacher for a check in

·        Students will then start creating their art work

Day 3

·        Work Period

Day 4

·        Work Period

Day 5

·        Work Period

Day 6

·        Work Period

Day 7

·        Work Period

Day 8

·        Work Period

Day 9

·        Work Period

Day 10

·        Share creations/ critique

·        Have a potluck








Date :

Ms. Mosewich and Ms. Rucks

Assignment: Judy Chicago: Our Dinner Party

For this assignment you be required to create a 3-dimensional place setting for one of the artists we have learnt about through the course of this unit. This assignment will encompass a variety of different techniques and mediums including sculptural, painting, and could include embroidery or stitching. At minimum you must have two different mediums in your art piece. Your place setting will include a glass, a plate, and a placemat. For the purpose of displace you may bring found cutlery or create your own.

Please fill out the following as part of your process. This will receive a mark under the category of process on the rubric.

  1. What artist will you make your placement for?
  2. Why are you choosing this artist to represent?
  3. What are some colours you would want to include to represent the artist?
  4. Why would you pick these colours?
  5. What items, objects, or symbols would you use in your place setting to represent your chosen artist? Why would you chose these objects?
  6. What material will you use? Why?


Below you will draw a sketch of your place setting:







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