Assignment 7: Expanded Drawing (Middle Years and Secondary)

Assignment 7: Expanded Drawing 

Step 1: Explain to students that “Today you will select an artist’s work, print it off, and glue it to your paper. The image is a starting point for your drawing and you will draw around the image. You can either cut the image in half and complete the image or cut out sectionsand draw in the blanks.”  

Step 2: Give a short demonstration of how to find an image, cut it into sections or in half, glue it to your paper, and draw in the missing blanks.  

Step 3: Ask two students to hand out paper and materials. 

Step 4: Students will then be able to go to the computer lab and find an artwork that they want to work from.  

Step 5: Students will then cut and glue their image onto paper. 

Step 6: Students will begin filling in the space by drawing around the image. 

Step 7: Draw, shade and color. 

Step 8: Remind students to write their names. 

Step 9: Clean up.  

Step 10: If time, students may share their artwork, the artist they used, and why.   


  • 9×12 drawing paper 
  • Computer 
  • Printer 
  • Pencil 
  • Eraser 
  • Supplies on table: markers, crayons, glue stick 

Pre requisite knowledge: 

  • Students will be familiar with various artists and their work 
  • Students will have practice with drawing 


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