Assignment 9: Value Scales (Secondary)


Assignment 9: Value Scales


Basic Information:




Subject: Visual Art


Grade: 9


Activities Breakdown:

·         Outline Learning Goals

·         Painting

·         Explain Assignment

·         Show Examples & Discuss

·         Create Grid Together

Formative Assessments:

·         Teacher-Student Conversations

·         Informal Observation


Instructional Teaching Strategies:

Direct Instruction:

·         Listening and viewing

·         Questioning

·         Demonstration


Experiential Learning:

·         Practicing Value Scales


Targeted Learning Objective(s):


Creative/ Productive:

·         CP9.11 Select and use appropriate forms, technologies, images, and art making processes to convey ideas.

·         CP9.12 Solve visual art problems in new and unfamiliar ways.


Targeted Learning Indicator(s):


Creative/ Productive:

·         Experiment with different ideas and techniques.

·         Demonstrate effective use of visual art tools, materials, and techniques.


Brief Overview


Set: (30 minutes) 

To begin the lesson I will outline the learning goals, which will be written on the board. Students will then be asked to gather around the middle table for an explanation where I will have examples laid out. Next I will explain expectations for the assignment.

-values do not have to be black and white, they can be colours too (red)

-but keeping time in mind we are using pencil to create values

-this is practice showing how capable you are with using your pencil and will help you with your final assignment


Development: (20 minutes)

I will then demonstrate how to divide our papers evenly and correctly and we will complete this task as a class. I will draw/ write the dimensions on the board as a visual for students. I will get two students to distribute rulers while I hand out paper. I will explain that this process should be very tedious because this is included in your mark. Your dimensions have to correct and your lines need to be straight.

-11 squares in total but only 10 will be filled in (one for name)

-2” from the bottom of the paper and make a straight line across

-1” inwards on both sides of the paper and make a straight line (don’t just measure 2” from the one side because if it isn’t cut correctly then the dimensions will not be even)

-make sure squares are 2” in width

-height of each square should be 1” so start at the bottom and make tics and then draw our lines across.


Conclusion: (5 minutes)

Students will put their value scale in their folder and put their folder away as they leave class. I will inform students that we will be continuing this assignment tomorrow.


Teacher Notes:


PDP Goal:


Materials Needed/ Preparation:

·         Pencil

·         Paper

·         Eraser

·         Ruler


Reflective Notes:

11 squares in total but 10 will be filled in (one will be for name)

assignment is out of 10

each square needs to be 100% even value

-don’t move on from one area until it is complete

-start at the darkest (never start at the lightest)

-visual jumps from each value

-should not see pencil strokes you should be using a circular motion

-should see a line separating the values

-do not use tip of your pencil

-do not push hard

-try to get the lightest square as light as you possibly can with pencil and then use your kneaded eraser.

-straight lines- proper cutting

-talk about width

-pay attention as we go along because detail matters and you will lose marks

Prerequisite Learning:

·         Basic knowledge of value scales

Adaptive Dimension:

·         Learning goals will be outlined at the beginning of lesson so students know what to expect

·         A demonstration will be provided for students to further understand the assignment


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